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Retinyl Retinoate

Retinyl Retinoate is a synthetic, “new generation” retinol produced by combining retinol and retinoic acid. The combination increases the molecule's stability and activity.

What are the benefits?

In limited but promising research, retinyl retinoate has been shown to be less sensitising than retinoic acid and retinol. Because of its slower conversion to retinoic acid in the skin, retinyl retinoate can be less sensitising than pure retinol. However, when it comes to retinol sensitivity, there is a lot that can be achieved with time-release liposomes and ingredient additions to optimise its benefits to the skin while minimising the risk of sensitivity.

While there are reasons to suggest retinyl retinoate if the skin appears to be intolerant of cosmetic retinol, it should not be interpreted as being better or safer for skin as there is currently limited research.

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