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Is petrolatum bad for your skin? Vaseline is made entirely of petrolatum, which is a rich emollient. It's one of the best ingredients for dry to very dry skin, particularly around the eyes.

What are the benefits?

Petrolatum has a bad reputation when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, possibly due to its origin, but research has shown petrolatum to be incredibly beneficial. It is the most occlusive moisturiser and demonstrated outstanding quality in preventing transepidermal water loss. Due to its occlusive properties, petrolatum appears to accelerate the recovery of skin surface lipids by permeating the stratum corneum layer and enabling normal barrier recovery. 

Petrolatum applied topically will help replenish, soothe, and beautifully moisturise the skin's outer layer. It is widely regarded as both healthy and highly efficient. Petrolatum has been shown in extensive clinical studies to be a gentle ingredient.

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