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Liposomes are not an ingredient, but rather a delivery mechanism. Liposomes retain other ingredients and release them after they have been absorbed into the skin.

What are the benefits?

Liposomes are phospholipid membrane vesicles that are extremely thin, double-layered, hollow, spherical, and capable of encapsulating both water-soluble and oil-soluble active ingredients. Because of their compatibility and affinity with cellular membranes, they are quickly absorbed and metabolised by the skin, and they provide the skin with "actives" that would not otherwise be readily accepted. The ability of liposomes to transmit encapsulated active ingredients to target sites determines their effectiveness.

Liposomes can be engineered to have many useful properties, including: releasing their active content upon reaching the target site; protecting ingredients from acidic and enzymatic degradation before reaching the target site; and protecting compounds from premature oxidation, by varying the type of phospholipids used to make liposomes and/or attaching certain molecules to the surface of liposomes. Liposomes, in addition to their carrier and penetration capacities, offer a good and smooth feeling to the upper stratum corneum.

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