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Benefits of using ceramides? Ceramides are essential for their water-retention capability, and using them in a skincare product offers to replenish and restoring benefits.

What are the benefits?

Ceramides are a class of naturally occurring lipids that function mainly in the uppermost layer of the skin, providing a protective shield and reducing normal transepidermal water loss. Ceramides enhance skin hydration and softness by repairing the stratum corneum layer in cases of dry skin. They strengthen stressed, fragile, scaly, rough, dry, ageing, and sun-damaged skin. Ceramides are important for the structure of the superficial epidermal layers and are a part of the intercellular membrane network. They aid in the generation and maintenance of the skin's barrier function.

This is critical: if the stratum corneum remains hydrated, it works better in terms of flexibility and desquamation and the skin is less prone to inflammation or irritation. Ceramide production declines with age, making us more prone to dry skin.

This application can also stimulate ceramide synthesis in the skin, increasing the skin's natural lipid content and strengthening the protective barrier, as determined by transepidermal water loss. Ceramides, when applied topically, have been shown to capture and bind water, which is needed for the skin to stay supple, smooth, and hydrated. Ceramides are derived naturally from animals and plants.

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