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Butylparaben is an example of a category of controversial preservatives called Parabens. Parabens are mild, non-sensitizing, and highly effective in contrast to other preservatives.

What are the benefits?

Parabens have been blamed and denounced for their use in cosmetics during the last decade due to their supposed connection to health issues in men and women. The study on parabens is contradictory and divisive. According to some studies, they are healthy when used in cosmetics and are favoured over other preservatives to keep a formula intact. These experiments have revealed that parabens had little effect when compared to normal hormones in the body.

In another study, however, has concluded that they are questionable: Some experiments discovered that a 100% concentration of parabens caused skin samples (skin not intact on a person) to degrade. These tests, however, do not refer to the small quantities (less than 1%) of parabens, the normally % used in cosmetics. Parabens have not been proven to damage skin when used in small amounts; in fact, they have been shown to support the skin by inhibiting the growth of mould, fungi, and harmful pathogens.

We understand your concerns about parabens and understand if you choose to avoid them. At Indomitable Beauty, we are not using parabens in our products at the moment but do not rule out the use of parabens in our future formulas. We list all ingredients on individual product pages and packaging for full transparency, and our Client Services team is happy to answer any queries you may have.

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