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Benzophenone is a group of compounds used in cosmetics as sunscreen agents to protect mainly from UVB radiation and from some, though not all, UVA radiation.

What are the benefits?

Benzophenone-2 - a UV-absorber that helps protect the product against deterioration because of UV-light exposure. It may also mask odour associated with a formulation’s composition.

Benzophenone-3 Oxybenzone - an oil-soluble UV absorber and filter with absorption rates within the UVA and UVB peak levels.

Benzophenone-3 - improves SPF and is favoured among sunscreen formulators given concern about possible safety problems associated with more conventional sunscreen chemicals. However, some sources associate it with causing photo contact allergy. It is considered a non-comedogenic raw material.

benzophenone-4 (sulisobenzone) - a widely used, FDA approved sunscreen chemical with UVA-absorbing properties and an approved usage range of 5% to 10%. It shields a formulation from the effects of UV radiation.

benzophenone-8 (dioxybenzone) - an FDA-approved sunscreen chemical with UVA-absorption capabilities. It can also protect against product degradation resulting from UV-light exposure. It is approved for use at a level of 3% in the United States.

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