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Bakuchiol is a natural antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient. Though may have similar effects as retinol, bakuchiol is not a retinol.

What are the benefits?

Bakuchiol is sometimes promoted as an alternative to retinol that does not have the sensitising effects that certain people experience with retinol. The connection between bakuchiol and retinol is because many of its benefits appear to be similar to those of retinol; however, it is important to note that bakuchiol is not an equivalent to retinol.

Bakuchiol interacts with many of the same areas in the skin as retinol, often via the same pathway, sometimes via a different pathway, but often with the same effects, such as reduced wrinkles, increased elasticity, and smoother skin. In either case, we believe that bakuchiol is a promising, beneficial ingredient whose behaviour will complement and improve what retinol does for skin. Bakuchiol performs best in concentrations ranging from 0.5% - 2% , according to study. Lower doses have not been shown to provide retinol-like effects.

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