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Skincare acid guide. AHA vs BHA vs PHA. The best skincare acid exfoliation for your skin type.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Why should we use acid exfoliant skincare products? Are all the acids the same? Do you know the difference between skincare acid exfoliant and how to choose one right for your skin type? AHA vs BHA?

skincare acid exfoliant droplet

We are all very familiar with skincare acids such as AHA vs BHA and PHA and their benefits by now. Are we using the right acid for our skin type and condition? AHA vs BHA and PHA on a basic level, exfoliate your skin and reveal fresher skin cells making our complexion looks brighter.

However, there are many differences between these acids and knowing the differences and choosing the right acid will provide better skin health and results.

3 key factors when choosing acid exfoliation products:

Types of skincare exfoliant acid. what to look out for when buying? Information of acid types, concerntration and PH levels.

For example: if you buy 2 products, both with 10% glycolic acid:

One with PH level 3, the free acid percentage is 8.71%.

Other with PH level 5, the free acid percentage is 0.63%

As you can see, the PH level significantly changes the efficiency of glycolic acid. By dropping 2 PH levels, the acid is sudden