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How to create a perfect skincare routine steps that address your skincare concerns?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Skincare routine steps that address your skincare concerns
Skincare routine steps that address your skincare concerns

We all want good skin day every day. Especially now, with many countries still under a lockdown or social distancing, we have more time to address our skin care concerns and achieve good skin day.

Before you start spending your money on what you have seen in social media; here is a guide on how to create a perfect skincare routine steps that address your skincare concerns?

Our skin is the same yet different; the basic structure of the skin is the same but there are many variants largely determined by our genes making up these difference. Knowing that is important when shopping for your skincare routine steps.

To find your best skincare routine steps, you need to:

1) Understanding your skin

2) Know your skincare concerns

3) Understanding skincare ingredients and actives

4) Understand your lifestyle and diet

5) Listen to and observe your skin

With these 5 steps, you will never go wrong and it’s easier than you think.

Understand your skin type to create the best skincare routine steps for you.

1) What is your skin type?

After washing your face, leave it bare for 30 mins and you can easily determine your skin type.

Normal – well balanced: neither too oily nor too dry.

Oily – Your skin looks shiny and feels slightly greasy. Your pores may be quite visible as well.

Dry – Your skin can look shiny as well but it feels dry. It can sometimes be flaky.

Combination – Your T-zone is oily but the U-zone is with dry or normal.

Sensitive skin - There is an increased number of people saying they have sensitive skin but very often their skin was actually sensitized by overuse of acid exfoliant. True skin sensitive skin often have contact dermatitis and are often inflamed, red, itching, or stinging sensations either on its own or through contact with ingredients they are allergic to. If you develop skin sensitivity through acid use, reduce the frequency for skin barrier to recover.

2) Knowing your skincare concerns and skin problems are one of the most important steps. You may have multiple skincare concerns and skin problems and that’s ok. You may not be able to address all of them at the same time but focus on fixing the core skin problems. Achieving skin health is a marathon, not a sprint.

Here are some skincare concerns you may have:

· Dull skin

· Pigmentation

· Fine lines

· Wrinkles

· Loss in firmness and elastin

· Acne

· Ageing

· Large pores

· Sun damage

3) Skincare ingredients – read our post on how to choose your Retinoids and Exfoliating Acid.

People are now more aware of skincare actives ingredients. Selecting the skincare active ingredients that address your skin concerns and skin problems is a good start. However, a homogenous skin care product does not just contain active ingredients. There are other ingredients like a solvent (usually water), emollient, texture enhancer, penetration enhancer and preservatives in a single skincare product.

Ingredients list are labelled by concentration. The higher the concentration, the higher up it appears in the skincare ingredients list.

A general thumb of rule: anything below fragrance or preservatives are generally below 1%. It does not mean that these ingredients are not doing anything; for example, retinol is often at 1% concentration so it will appear at the bottom but 1% is plenty and can be too strong for sensitive skin.

We have seen many brands claiming to be 100% natural, no chemicals, clean, no preservatives. Be an educated consumer, Ask why? Is it better?

100% natural, no chemicals

Everything is made up of chemical compounds. Water is H2O for example.


As it stands, there is no one standard as to what “Clean” skincare products should or shouldn’t contain. Every brand has its own exclusion list. That tells us one thing, it’s not regulated and it’s mainly marketing. Believe in science not marketing.

No preservatives

This is well and truly the scariest. All water-based formulation must use a preservative system. Would you leave a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise in your high humidity bathroom and have a little nibble every day? Exactly. You are exposing yourself bacteria, yeast and mould. Without a solid preservative system, your products are not protected to last. All skincare products should be tested for microbial, stability and compatibility before it goes on sale. However, there are many, not all, homemade products who don’t get their products tested.

We will be posting soon : Which ingredients are best for your skincare concerns and skin problems? Sign up for email notification.

4) Lifestyle

We have heard this so many times. I applied my 10 steps Korean skincare routine steps, tried every new product but I am not seeing results or my skin is getting worse. “I just want good skin day every day”.

Look at your lifestyle and diet. If your diet consists of fast food, not consuming fresh fruits and vegetables or you lead a stressful lifestyle, kids, works etc. All of these takes a toll on your body and shoes on your skin.

Making small changes to your lifestyle will make a big difference to your skin. Skincare products can only do so much. if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, it will show on your skin. Exercise at least once a week, stop smoking, reduce sugar intake, all these steps will help you achieve good skin day.

5) Listen and Observe your skin

This is the most important to a good skincare routine steps. Our skin changes from year to year, season to season and even day to day especially during menstruation. Observe, but don’t obsess over your skin. Obsession could cause you more stress and leads to more skin problems. You don’t need to overhaul your skincare routine steps as soon you see any changes but subtle change is fully sufficient. For examples, during winter months, opt for a richer moisturise or add a drop of oil to your moisturiser. When experiencing occasional breakouts, spot treat it with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Skincare routine steps should not have to be so complicated that it takes up all your time. A great skincare routine steps with the right skincare products and skincare active ingredients should not take you more than 5 mins. We have all seen the husbands or boyfriends or male colleagues who don’t have a complicated skincare routine, if any but still have good skin. It could be due to genes; it could also be that we are being too extra.

Once you have done these steps, you are on your way to creating the skincare routine steps for you.

We will be posting on skincare routine steps for different skin types. Sign up for email notification.

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