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Skin and skincare guide during your 60s and 70s. Anti-ageing tips for 60s and 70s

Updated: May 11, 2020

What happens to your skin during your 60s and 70s?

Your skin’s ability to produce lipids and elastin and collagen starts decreasing by the time you turn 30. When you hit your 60s or 70s, we would see:

1. Significant dryness

2. Intense dehydration

3. Formation of deep wrinkles

4. Slowing of skin regeneration

5. Skin becomes thinner from loss of elastin and collagen

6. More prone to hyperpigmentation

7. Wound healing will also be impaired

8. More prone to infection as our immune function reduced.

Menopause can happen as early as in our 40s and has a huge impact on our skin. Many have noticed a sudden onset of ageing a few months after showing symptoms of menopause.

As our skin becomes more vulnerable during our 60s, we should be paying more attention and using the right skincare to prevent further environmental damages.

To read more about enviromental damages on skin, read our 5 key skin damaging factors blog.

It is never too late to start a skincare regime.

What ingredients should you look out for?

Tips for skin in your 60s and 70s:

1. Apply moisturiser to damp skin not dry

2. Apply a layer of facial oil after your moisturiser

3. If your skin feels dry during the day:

a. Spritz with facial mist

b. Rub a tiny amount of moisturiser or facial oil in your palms

c. Pat onto your face

What to avoid for skin in your 60s and 70s?

1. Avoid long hot baths or shower.

2. Avoid harsh, high foaming cleanser.

3. Avoid over cleansing your face. If you are wear makeup, a nightly cleanse is more than sufficient. Cleanse with water or use a hydrating toner instead of washing in the morning.

At Indomitable Beauty, we believe beauty is ageless and genderless. We need to be comfortable in our own skin and it’s the confidence that makes use glow and beautiful. Keeping active and a young mindset doesn’t hurt either.

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