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Frustrated by time-consuming routine and overwhelming active ingredients, I was determined to create high-performance and effective skincare products.


Skincare products that are based on science and harness the power of nature to deliver visible results and most importantly easy to use.


Essentially, skincare products that deliver results, designed for the modern lifestyles

- Nicole Tay

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With science as a starting point, Indomitable Beauty is guided by the results of research, so that you can have confidence that every ingredient is there for a reason. As perhaps the only brand on the market that promotes the use of less, rather than more, products, Indomitable Beauty offers a minimalist skincare routine designed with modern lifestyles in mind. 

Achieving "perfect", “poreless” skin is not our goal and honestly should not be anyone’s.


Our aim is to create products that nourish and support to promote seemingly

age-defying, healthy, radiant and glowing skin.

Image by Steven Lu

The Story of Indomitable Beauty

Indomitable Beauty was created out of our founder, Nicole’s, frustration with complicated skincare routines and marketing-led trends.

Having suffered from acne throughout her teenage years, Nicole’s skin was left with scars and pigmentations. In an attempt to ‘cure’ her problematic skin, she got herself stuck in a hamster wheel of buying, trying, using, and chucking products for decades.


Persuasive marketing made her feel guilty if she did not devote enough time and effort to her daily skincare regime. At one point, her comprehensive skincare routine consisted of 12 steps. 

The narrative that in order to achieve "perfect skin" we need to buy a plethora of products is untrue. A never-ending turnover of serums and creams is endorsed by a constant trend creation to feed the same machine that’s telling us that our skin is a problem that needs to be fixed. This notion preys on our insecurity and drives us to consume more and more products for no real benefit.

In 2018, Nicole developed itchy rashes all over her face and neck as a result of overusing products and not understanding how they interacted with one another. 

Nicole had had enough. With fifteen years of marketing experience behind her she began to research the cosmetics industry and what, exactly, we’re being encouraged to put onto our skin. She uncovered a tangled web of misconceptions and half-truths about the ingredients and formulations of the skincare products on the market.


Using what she’d found as a springboard, Nicole was determined to bring about change and to develop a range of premium skincare products that sum up the ethos of Indomitable Beauty: less is more. Fewer products, using only clinically proven active ingredients that deliver results. By streamlining our skincare routine with products that work in synergy with each other, we’re being kinder to the planet, too. 

In collaboration with a team of formulators with more than 20 years of experience and an established manufacturer that supports this vision, Indomitable Beauty was born. 


The word ‘indomitable’ is fundamental to our brand ethos and informs everything we do. This is based on the belief that we all have the ability to be indomitable within us. 

For Nicole, being indomitable was about drawing on her own experience and putting together a team of experienced formulators to create a real solution.

This has resulted in a totally different approach to skincare.


A science-backed, streamlined brand that is all about delivering visible results and upholding authentic beauty. Products that form a skincare investment, rather than ones that are simply part of the cycle of buying based on misleading advertising. 

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What Makes Indomitable Beauty Different

According to research, approximately two-thirds of people feel that the skincare products they use do not deliver what they promise, and nearly half of those surveyed felt that their skincare routine was too time-consuming. 

We believe that this doesn’t need to be the case. Our products deliver potent clinically proven actives in a biocompatible and results-driven formulation. Science can be complicated but skin care routines don’t need to be. 

Our Super Antioxidant Booster contains 15% ascorbic acid and is concentrated with clinically proven active ingredients and super antioxidants. The easy-to-absorb serum helps to protect your skin from daily environmental stressors. 

The Renewal Elixir with 1% encapsulated retinol and 5% niacinamide is a one-step nighttime skin rejuvenator. The velvety finish serum is enriched with age-defying, skin barrier supporting ingredients, meaning that you’ll wake up to a fresher, brighter complexion without overloading your skin with a multitude of products. 

The Super Antioxidant Booster and Renewal Elixir have been created to work in synergy to help your skin rebalance and rejuvenate, and look its best. As a result, fine lines, wrinkles, and smile lines are softened, skin looks firmer and brighter day after day.

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